Caroline Blanke Helps Plan the International Festival


Credit to Francisco Jimenez

By Adriana Jimenez, Excalibur Reporter

This year, the mission of NCNAA, which is part of StuCo, has decided to host an International Festival on Nov. 29 in the Commons, which will feature people from many different countries and cultures.

“It’s going to be really cool,” junior Salam Abouchleih said. “People from everywhere are coming to represent their countries.”

Helping with everything is Caroline Blanke, a cabinet member of StuCo who helped with the festival.

“Caroline has been helping take care of the logistics and make sure things are turned out correctly, that everybody has electricity and electrical outlets and to see what supplies they need, and she’s been a liaison between Sarah Zimmerman and me, sort of a go between as we’re trying to figure out what this is going to look like,” Head Principal Nathan Hosteltler said.

The International Festival started as an idea to help students and community learn more about different countries and their customs and cultures.

“This fair is for representation for our community and getting more acknowledgment and awareness for the different cultures that are spread about in our school,” Caroline Blanke said.