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Hygiene Drive for the Nahed Chapman School Starts on Dec. 10


Credit to Sydney Ellison

Senior Heeral Patel prepares brown paper bags to be circulated for the Dec. 10-14 Hygiene Drive.

By Sydney Ellison, North Star Reporter

The first ever hygiene drive for the Nahed Chapman School is about to start, so get ready to dig out those extra hygiene products and bring them to school. The Nahed Chapman school is a public school where immigrants and other non-English speakers can learn English along with many other educational skills while in a welcoming and supportive environment. Supplies can be brought to school throughout Dec. 10-14 and will be collected in first hours. The drive is being held by Quill and Scroll, which is a group at FHN.

“I really wanted to help them out and this was the best way to do it,” a member of Quill and Scroll, Sophie Carite said.

To entice students to bring supplies, the first hour with the most supplies brought in gets a donut or bagel party. According to Quill and Scroll leader Jordyn Kiel, this drive is a way for students at FHN to help out our sister school. Some needed supplies are shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, deodorant and other hygiene type items.

“Each first hour is gonna get a brown paper bag to fill, and in a perfect world the goal would be for every first hour to fill it,” Kiel said.

Students at FHN can become more involved in this project by emailing Kiel at [email protected] or Carite at [email protected]. Quill and Scroll will need help with picking up supplies from first hours and organizing the supplies. The supplies will be dropped off at the Nahed Chapman School as soon as all of the items have been collected.

“Last year when we’ve taken the school supplies there was more joy than you could ever imagine from a school supply,” Kiel said “Suddenly you realize how blessed and lucky you are.”