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Choir Works Hard To Make Their Concerts Great


Credit to Ella Manthey

Bella Voce sings through their music for the New York trip they are funding for.

By Ashlynn Perez, North Star Sports Editor

Choir held it’s last concert, at school, for the year on Nov. 20. The choir spent hours upon hours preparing for the concert, singing their parts and listening to the others. Junior Faith Kasper sang soprano one in this most recent concert.

“It was hours of hard work and consistent listening,” Kasper said. “We had to get the part down, and we did.”

The next choir concert, an honor choir concert, will take place on Dec. 16 at Missouri Baptist University. The choir has been studying for this concert since September, when they received their parts. They have two hour rehearsals twice a week in preparation.

“It’s not going to be as good if we’re not constantly working,” choir member Carolyn Green said. “We might get too comfortable, so we need to work harder on it.”

Although one mistake could throw it off, the choir is working hard to make this concert spectacular.

“I love how close everybody is in the choir,” Kasper said. “It’s like a family, because no matter how hard the piece is to sing, we get it down together.”