Junior Jenna Thompson is the Only Junior on the Girls Basketball Team


Credit to Francisco Jimenez

Junior Jenna Thompson (far right) and the girls basketball team stand in line during the National Anthem

By Julia Kristensen

The FHN girls’ basketball team consists of seven seniors, four sophomores, one freshman and one junior, Jenna Thompson. Being surrounded by athletes from all different grade levels is common for high school sports, but it isn’t typical for a varsity basketball team to have just one junior.

“It’s exciting because I’ll be the only senior next year,” Thompson said. “But it also adds some pressure, because that means I have to learn a lot this season about the varsity team and getting to know the varsity level of play.”

Thompson’s role within the team consists of many different things. On the court she is a small forward, expected to excel in rebounding and finishing around the paint. On the sideline or bench, she focuses on bringing positive energy and cheering on her teammates during practices or games.

“She fits in well with the team and everyone thinks of everyone else as a teammate, no boundaries with grade levels and the age gaps just a team working together,” Isabelle Delarue, sophomore and varsity girls’ basketball athlete, said.

With the girls’ basketball program’s seven graduating seniors, Thompson looks to adapt to the new level of play throughout this year to further excel and lead the team in her future senior season next year.

“For being a junior your first year on varsity it’s like you are in the right spot and getting better while and just keep working so your senior year is your best,” Thompson said.