Senior Colin St. Aubin Holds a “Learn to Curl”


Credit to Photo Submitted

Senior Colin St. Aubin prepares to release the curling stone during a practice meet.

By Sam Cary

On Saturday December 15th at 9pm, senior Colin St. Aubin and the St. Louis Curling Club will be hosting a “Learn to Curl” night at the Creve Coeur Ice Arena.

“It is a time for new curlers to get onto the ice,” St. Aubin said. “It’s their first chance to get onto the ice and their first chance to play the sport.”

St. Aubin started to curl around a year ago and hopes to expand the communities knowledge and interest in curling with workshops like these.

“I think I have gained enough experience and skill to teach curling now and I want to give back to a sport that I have enjoyed,” St. Aubin said.

The “Learn to Curl” night is open to people of all ages in the St. Louis community that are interested in learning about the sport or simply looking for a fun night.

“The hope with every “Learn to Curl” that we do at the St. Louis Curling Club is just to grow the sport, get more members, and get more people joining the leagues,” St. Aubin said. “Some people come out of it saying ‘Wow I can actually do that,’ or ‘Wow that’s really fun and I want to do it more.’”

St. Aubin is also the creator and captain of the FHN Curling team and is currently helping his team prepare for regionals in Chicago.

“Going into regionals is mainly just to gain experience,” St. Aubin said. “This is at a dedicated ice facility whereas we play at an ice hockey rink. It is a little bit of a different experience and we are playing teams that play solely on dedicate ice. As a senior, I want to set up the club for success.”