Freshman Mason Apple Describes His Varsity Wrestling Experience


Credit to Jordan Mileczwik

Freshman Mason Apple shakes hands with his opponent before a match in a try against OF and SCW.

Freshman Mason Apple is the only varsity wrestler from the class of 2023. He’s been wrestling for the past four years, with this year being his first year wrestling in this school district. The wrestler in the 106 lb. weight class has been on varsity since the first meet of the year. In this Q&A, Apple talks about his experience on a varsity team filled with seniors.

Q: What preparations have you done for this season?

A: I made sure to keep up with my conditioning and physical strength. I do other sports like boxing to make sure I stay in peak condition

Q: Being a freshman, did you expect to be put on the varsity team from the start?

A: I kind of expected with my experience to be on varsity or at least close to it, but it was still a nice shock to start the season on varsity.

Q: How does it feel to be on a varsity squad that is filled with seniors?

A: It’s kind of like a brotherly bond, like they’re my older siblings that I look up to and learn from.

Q: How have they been able to help you grow so far this season?

A: They’ve helped me by explaining things that I need to know for the wrestling season and showing me what do, how to be better and overall just being good role models for me.

Q: What is your main goal for the season? How do you hope to achieve this?

A: My main goal is to do the best I can in districts to hopefully make it to state and get my name out there. I hope to do it by doing my best, training, and making sure I learn as much as possible.