Many Students Celebrate Holidays Other Than Christmas at FHN


(Used with permission from Creative Commons)

By Kaili Martin, Photographer

Usually most people celebrate one holiday in December, but there are a ton of holidays people look forward to each year. There’re holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah, but some holidays we miss out on are Eid, Chinese New year, Kwanza, Boxing Day, or Ōmisoka. Some people have never even heard of these holidays let alone know anything about them.  All these holidays have one thing in common: family. This is the time of the year when everyone gets together and celebrates the holiday they look forward to.

Junior Salam Abouchleih celebrates Eid al-Fitr, also known as Eid, yearly. It marks the last day of Ramadan. Ramadan is where Muslims go through strict fasting for a whole month. It is not traditionally celebrated during winter, but is celebrated in August. For the holiday, Abouchleih goes to her grandmother’s house each year. She celebrates Eid and the three days following. Along with not having to fast anymore, there is a huge feast to add to the festivities. Everyone also gives presents to those who participated in the fasting.

“I think everyone should know about the fasting and the history behind Eid,” said Abouchleih.

Chinese New Year is when a new year is added based off the old Chinese calendar. Junior Sumi Chen looks forward to having a Hot Pot each year with her family and friends. A Hot Pot is where you have boiling water placed in front of you and you make your own food. In Taiwan she would also see fireworks above her. Here in America she exchanges red envelopes every year on Feb. 5 with her friends and family.

“I like bonding with my family and also enjoy eating as much food as I possibly can each year,” said Chen.

Holidays are celebrated world wide each year, but one thing all these holidays have in common is family. Family can come in many forms such as friends, cousins and even people you just met. Each year it’s important to spend it with them even if it’s just one day a year.