Drama Students Attend Annual Thespian Conference


Credit to Jordan Milewczik

Drama director Kim Sulzner talks with Nick Blodgett about improv Olympics games. The FHN drama club will be attending the Missouri State Thespian Conference in Kansas City January 9-12. Students will be competing for scholarship and individual events as well as in state wide competitions.

By Ashlynn Perez, North Star Sports Editor

The Missouri State Thespian Conference took place from Jan. 9 to 12 this year. It was hosted in Kansas City at the Marriott Downtown Hotel. ThesCon is an annual conference for students involved in drama programs to hone their skills and compete for awards.

“ThesCon offers experiences we can’t teach,” Drama teacher Kim Sulzner said. “It’s invaluable.”

40 students from FHN attended ThesCon this year. They picked workshops to attend that mattered to them and their jobs specifically, they met with professionals in the theater industry and a college fair was held for the students.

“It gives you insight into what really happens in the theater world outside of school,” junior Della Boenitz said. “It’s helpful.”

Each year the students compete in tech challenge. It has five events that involve behind-the-scenes skills, such as costume changes. Scores have been posted to FHNtoday’s social media. In past years, FHN has been close to winning the challenge: they have often won one category. Going into this year’s convention, Sulzner has the same goal for her students: push themselves to do the best they can.

“Tech challenge showcases the drama students that don’t just do acting, Sulzner said. “A lot of what it is, is just real life skills.”

According to Sulzner, Thescon offers learning experiences that benefit students and drama teachers alike.

“There’s something for everyone,” Boenitz said. “Whether you’re comfortable behind the scenes or on stage, there’s a place for you.”