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Junior Blaine Longmore Returns to Hockey After Injury


Credit to Kamryn Bell

Junior Blaine Longmore skates away from the goal after stealing the puck. Longmore was injured by crashing into the sideboards. The broken clavicle resulted in Longmore getting surgery to insert a titanium plate in his shoulder to fix the broken bone.

By Parker Kilen

Last season, Blaine Longmore, junior and defenseman for the varsity hockey team, missed almost all season due to a clavicle injury. The injury took place during the Gold Cup game against FHHS at the Rec Plex.

“I was going to throw a check in Gold Cup, and I missed and hit the boards, fell on my shoulder weird and broke my clavicle on my left side,” Longmore said. “When I found out, I was out for the season. I thought ‘Dang, that sucks.’”

According to senior and fellow teammate Sam Kenton, Longmore played a lot last season before getting injured, and after getting injured the team had to make a lot of changes.

“We had other players playing in positions they normally wouldn’t play,” Kenton said. “Whenever somebody who plays a lot gets hurt, it always changes things up.”

Now that Longmore is back after being injured, the majority of last season, he looks to get back in shape for hockey and help the Knights get better throughout the season.

“My goals are to get back in shape and to help the team win at least one game, which we barely did last year, but I think we can do better this year,” Longmore said.

Ever since Longmore has returned from injury he has begun to shine as a player and leader on the team.

“He has good hockey sense, he’s a very big and physical player, and is starting to show a lot of leadership on the team for our younger guys,” head coach Ryan Gannon said.

The biggest struggle for Longmore this season so far, has been getting back in shape after missing a lot of hockey.

“I couldn’t exercise because I was injured so I got out of shape pretty quickly,” Longmore said.

Despite missing the majority of last season, Longmore has still been playing really well and the team has been very excited to have him back.

“He’s definitely gotten more comfortable throughout the season since he’s returned. He’s still been working on getting into better game shape, but I can tell every single time he steps on the ice there’s been improvement,” Gannon said. “We love having him on the ice, he’s very smart with the puck and he’s a big body, guys don’t often get around him in the defensive zone, and as far as him progressing we expect a lot out of Blaine and we’re excited for him to continue and improve each day he steps on the ice.”