A Day in the Life of a Paramedic [Photo Story]

20 years after becoming a paramedic, Jaclyn Kloecker was awarded with the 2018 CHEMS Paramedic of the Year award for the first time

Kloecker drives through a neighborhood on the way to the hospital. She was responding to a call about a child who may have Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). RSV is a virus that is common in infants less than two years old and adults over 65. The child and her father were transported to DePaul Hospital.

By Jordan Milewczik, Photo EIC

2018 marks the first time that Christian Hospital Emergency Medical Service (CHEMS) has given out an award for Paramedic of the Year. After 20 years of service, Jaclyn Kloecker took home the award.

“I was very surprised, I knew I was nominated, but I did not think I was going to win it,” Kloecker said.

The award is just a highlight in Kloecker’s long career. Although it’a a highlight, Kloecker cites her 13 baby deliveries as her biggest accomplishment.

“I help bring a life into this world and maybe one day that child will help someone else,” Kloecker said.

As well as being a paramedic, Kloecker has also pursued the role of a community paramedic. For this she goes into a community member’s home for up to six months to learn about everything they need.

“I still like the 911 calls and fighting fire, but the community help is what I really like to do,” Kloecker said.