Student Council Students Prepare For Winter Energizer Workshop


Credit to Kaili Martin

StuCo members brainstorm ways to help improve the school. They are currently planning for the Snowcoming dance, raising money for the Siteman Cancer Center and preparing the school store. They are also looking to recruit more members in order to build a bigger community.

By Grace Harding, North Star Reporter

FHN StuCo students who attended the Summer Leadership Workshop are invited to attend the Winter Energizer workshop in the Lake of the Ozarks on Jan. 19 to 21 to get StuCo members excited for second semester by practicing leadership skills and sharing ideas.

“We had a lot of fun at the summer workshop and that was in the heat,” StuCo member Coong Tran said. “I can’t wait to see what comes from the winter one.”

The Winter Energizer is a workshop for students to work on improving their leadership skills, rejuvenate their spirits after finals and get them excited for the upcoming semester. Students will obtain this by working in groups to bounce ideas off each other and by improving personal skills.

“Winter Energizer is a chance for high school students who attended our Summer Workshop to reconnect, re-energize and learn new skills,” Executive Director Terri Johnson said. “Everyone gets the winter doldrums, but attending Energizer helps you get through the second semester.”

The theme for the Energizer is PEAK Leadership, which is the style of teaching they are going to be focusing on. PEAK Leadership is when a person learns leadership through self-improvement and group work.

“I heard it was a really fun event,” Tran said. “It’s new and enjoyable.”

The Winter Energizer is hosted by a group of nationally recognized student council advisors in Missouri known as Missouri Association of Student Councils

“Our attendees find a renewed spirit and the energy to keep plugging away,” Johnson said.  “[The Winter] Energizer is not only fun, it helps our students take a deeper look at their leadership skills and how they can use them to make a difference in their schools.”