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The Goonies Work Together to Help Spread School Spirit

Senior Adam Shine and the FHN Goonies include students, expand across social media and lead as a community at FHN


Credit to Kamryn Bell

Seniors Josh Simmons, Dillon Lauer, Noe Bustos and Adam Shine link arms and sway side to side to get the crowd to cheer along with them during the first girls’ varsity basketball game on Dec. 7. The Goonies began holding meetings this year to help increase attendance and spirit at winter sports games.

By Michael Zull, North Star Reporter

Believe That We Will Win echoes through the crowd in a deafening roar as senior and head Goonie Adam Shine leads the Goonies through chants to hype up the crowd and the FHN team. After getting ready for the night’s theme and arriving to the game, the whistle is blown and the game finally comes to a start as the Goonies get on their feet to support the players from start to finish, no matter the outcome.

The Goonies’ job as a whole is to support teams at FHN and to not only spread school spirit, but to also include all students in our school community. Including all students comes with allowing an accessible way to join the club. According to Shine, any student from FHN that goes to a sporting event and participates in the chants is a Goonie.

“We try to spread the Goonies cheer to every activity here,” Shine said. “Whether it’s football or swimming, we will make sure everyone gets the credit that they deserve.”

Shine took over control as head Goonie this school year after being elected by the two senior head Goonies of the previous year. In past years, the Goon squad only ran a Twitter account, but after taking charge, Shine has helped lead the Goonies expand over social media, now adding Snapchat and Instagram to their media outlet collection.

“Since we ventured out, the word has gotten out to more students,” Shine said. “We get a larger audience with the multiple platforms and more people come to events that they normally wouldn’t.”

The club is in charge of coming up with the themes for each game, leading chants to support the FHN players and trying to get in the heads of the opposing team to help the Knights snatch a victory. In addition, they now have regular meetings where they go over the scheduled themes for the games ahead and prepare for the upcoming sports seasons. From pink-out games to black and gold themes, the FHN Goonies have done it all from start to finish to bring school spirit to every game and event.

“The way that I look at it, is that everyone wants to play for their school and everybody wants to play in front of their peers, and it’s a lot better to play in front of a crowd that’s supporting you than it would be if nobody were there,” Activities Director Mike Janes said. “There really is a home field advantage and it is a huge deal having the Goonies at the game.”