Coach Bevill Announces Plans to Start an E-Sports Team at FHN


(Used with permission from Creative Commons)

By Ethan Winchester, FHNtoday Reporter

E-sports has exploded in popularity worldwide, the sport bringing in millions from merchandise and ticket sales. Colleges have started to offer scholarships for E-sports players, noticing the massive popularity and revenue the sport has garnered. Head Principal Nathan Hostetler and Coach Brett Bevill have come together to start an E-sports team for FHN, the decision being influenced by a massive amount of support from the student body.

“We decided to be an avenue for kids to get into that scene,” Bevill said. “We want to tap into the kids who are also not so involved here at school.” 

Esports could be a great way into college for students that struggle academically or have little interest in school, since colleges are starting their own leagues and maybe looking at high schools for talented players.

Like any other sport, the E-sports team will have training and will practice sessions regularly; with the goal of honing players skills in the best ways to come out on top against other teams in competitions. To participate in E-sports students must maintain a minimum of a 1.5 GPA and display good citizenship, the same requirements as other sports that are here at FHN. 

The team will possibly play games like Overwatch, CS:GO, Fortnite, and League Of Legends, all of which are considered competitive titles. Many details of the team’s lineup and who it will go up against are still to be decided. Coach Bevill will be having a meeting on thisThursday, Jan. 24, at 2:30 p.m. in Com One, located in the Commons.