St. Charles Antique Mall Holds History


Credit to Anna Hollinger

A customer goes through old record albums at the Antique Mall on Dec. 1. The mall has many different displays showcased throughout the store, with a variety of vintage items.

By Sammie Herr, North Star Managing Editor

Hidden behind N St. Peters Parkway, the St. Charles Antique Mall carries many stories. From the various pieces of furniture, to brightly colored powder boxes from the late 1800s, there’s something for everyone. Whether a project, family heirloom or DIY, sales associate Brenda Fore believes it is in the antique mall.

“Working here is really interesting,” Fore said. “I like coming in here, finding new items and learning about their history or what they were used for. Sometimes the customers and dealers will know more than me, and I love to learn from them.”

The antique mall is set up to where various, individual businesses will buy a section in the mall and put whatever they want to sell from their store there.

There are three separate galleries, a hallway-like annex and two smaller rooms all filled with antiques laying out or in glass cases, which comes to a total of more than 36,000 square feet.  According to manager Connie Thomas, customers don’t realize how much space the mall actually takes up. Although the lot may appear small, there are actually over 200 spots for businesses to rent a section and sell their products.

“People have a false impression when they come in here,” Thomas said. “It’s constantly changing. You could buy anything in here.”

There are trinkets and objects from all over the world displayed in the mall. Ranging from Poland, Germany, England, South America and Mexico, there are antiques that were made anywhere from the 1800s to the 2010s.

“This mall is a place to find unique things,” customer Bonnie Bee said. “It makes you come back. I’ll find cool things and leave them here just to come back and find them again.”