The Collector Store

The Armory Has Success in it’s Opening Week

By Kaili Martin, Photographer

StuCo opened up the Armory in the commons on Jan 29. The Armory is a Student Council store where students can buy FHN merchandise. The store was thought up by current president Brendan Gannon.

“I got the idea to create the Armory back in March of 2018 when I attended the MASC state convention,” Gannon said. “They had a store for the event and other student councils. I thought it would be a good idea to start one.”

The thought process of the store has been going on since the beginning of the school year. The Armory committee has been working on the store for three months now. The store sells various objects such as sweatshirts, zip-ups, T-shirts, laptop stickers and past sports shirts. Zip-ups are one of the most popular selling items because of how soft they are.  The Armory has made around $1,645 in the first few days of being open so far this year. Other StuCo members helped make the store a success. Senior Juan Alega, junior Amelia Primeau and Gannon have worked together to get the store running.

“I like Stuco because it’s a club that gets to help the school and I try to make school better for others,’’ says Gannon.