Choir to go to Carnegie Hall


By Kaili Martin, Photographer

For the first time in all of Jennifer Crane’s teaching, she and her students have been invited to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York. Students will leave on Feb. 15 and return on Feb. 19.

“Going to New York is an incredible experience that we’re about to have for numerous reasons,” Crane said. “Every aspect of this trip is going to be potentially life changing for many of the students. I just get chills thinking about it.”

The students who are going will have a chance to go sing with the famous composer Ola Gjeilo. He writes piano and wind symphony musical pieces. All the choirs have combined so that 42 people will be going from Bella Voce, Knightsound, Treble and Concert choir.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to go to my dream place and perform with my passion for music,” junior Riley Witherbee said.

They will perform three different pieces by Gjeilo. The first song is “Dreamweaver,” a song that lasts 20 minutes. It is about the medieval folk poem called “Draumkvedet,” and it’s supposed to be a comedy song. “Ubi Caritas” is one of Gjeilo’s favorite songs he created and the choir gets to perform it. “The Ground” is the students’ final song they sing at Carnegie Hall.

“The Ground, is my favorite song even though it’s a choir song,” Witherbee said. “The song allows everyone to let loose and sing freely.”