Yes, Valentine’s Day is a Holiday [Opinion]


Credit to Kat Sellers

By Michael Willmann, FHNtoday Reporter

Credit to Kat Sellers

Currently, there is a debate on whether or not Valentine’s day is a holiday, so let me just give you my quick stance: Valentine’s day is, in fact, a holiday, regardless of whether or not you have a lover or significant other to celebrate with, just like Christmas is a holiday, regardless of your religious stance.

Valentine’s day has been involved in western countries for centuries, with the roots of the holiday traced back to before the first century, around the year 400 AD with the various Saints that went by that name. The actual holiday, starting around the 16th or 17th century, can be traced to Great Britain with the exchange of phrases of love, chocolate and even letters for the more educated of society at the time. 

The general aura of love that surrounds this holiday cannot be denied. It is heavily ingrained in our culture. Flower shops sell their prized roses, candy companies come out with little heart shaped delights and convenience stores have whole sections filled with cards containing cheesy one-liners and cute heart-shaped graphics. Most schools even have flowers for sale, or allow young children to bring out and distribute Valentine’s day candy for other kids to enjoy.

An argument that many anti-Valentine’s day people have is that the holiday isn’t really a holiday for people, if they don’t have a lover or someone they desire to celebrate with. This is false. The holiday isn’t just meant to be celebrated between lovers in a relationship. People who love each other, like family members for example, can still exchange gifts and chocolates. Good friends can use the holiday as an excuse to go out and have fun just like lovers do. Others can just go out and buy chocolates for themselves. I know I do while they’re all on sale. Valentine’s day offers opportunities for everyone. People shouldn’t try and argue against the holiday and ruin the mood. Instead, they should embrace and acknowledge it and celebrate with everyone else, or at least let lovers have their fun.