FCCLA Takes a Trip to New York


Credit to Kaili Martin

FACS teacher Marissa Heyer walks around her classroom during seventh hour.

By Paige Mooney, Excalibur Reporter

Imagine the tall buildings that tower above you as you walk down the busy streets of New York. The yellow cabs speed by you and you hear horns all around you. A group of ten girls from FCCLA are imagining this will be their reality in just a week as they arrive in New York.

“I am most excited to leave the state of Missouri,” sophomore Alanna Hollins, president of FCCLA, said. “This will be my first time leaving Missouri and getting to experience New York as my first out of state trip is incredible.”

FCCLA is a student group at FHN that stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. FCCLA focuses on community service throughout the school and community outside of school. They have recently sold Valentine grams to the school and made dog toys for a local shelter.

“I think once people know we took this trip to New York they will be interested to hear more about us and our group as a whole,” Hollins said.

FCCLA will be joining twenty other students from FHHS with a few parent volunteers and Lauri Rupp, FACS teacher at FHHS.

“Mrs. Rupp and I worked together to organize the trip and we had been talking about it for years,” Marissa Heyer, FACS teacher at FHN and FCCLA sponsor, said. “She finally got the ball rolling by calling junior tours.”

Junior tours is a nationwide company that creates personalized trips for student and teacher groups. Their goal is to create memorable trips that are affordable for students and teachers.

“I am so happy we could work with junior tours,” Heyer said. “Traveling to New York as a whole will be amazing and I’m taking a great group of students.”