FHN Adds A New Gaming Team Featuring Gaming Consoles and Electronic Competition

Game On


Credit to Wesley P. Harden II

Coach Bevill calls Esports team to meet to discuss future plans about what the team will be doing. This is a new sport that involves video games that will be played competitively featuring League of Legends and Overwatch. The team meets weekly and talks about what they will be playing.

By Chloe Horstman, North Star Reporter

Upwards of 70 students buzz as they look for a seat in the packed Com 1 to hear how they can be a part of a team unlike any other at FHN: the new Esports team. Brett Bevill, health instructor and head varsity football coach, is preparing to take on a new group of students and activity that has been uncharted by FHN until now- a team playing with controllers and computers twice a week in room 127.

The idea to start an Esports team was brought to Bevill by Head Principal Nathan Hostetler, Assistant Principal Chris Birch and Activities Director Mike Janes during a professional development meeting.

“It kind of just fell into my lap and I took the reigns,” Bevill said. “I tried to lay the groundwork with other teachers to kind of figure out where we’re gonna meet…and then having the first meeting to see who was interested.”

The Esports team will play various popular games. They plan on gearing up to compete online against teams from FHC and FZE, and look forward to getting kids involved in face to face events sometime in the future, while the logistics are still being worked out.

“My biggest goal is really getting kids involved that maybe not are always involved in school,” Bevill said. “Sometimes people play games and they’re kind of misunderstood. To be able to have them be a voice and a force in our school for the greater good, for the positive, I just think really helps Howell North out.”

Freshman Ethan Olea is helping Bevill coach and looks forward to helping fellow teammates progress and building relationships with the team.

“I think they’ll enjoy the connectivity,” Olea said. “Everybody will be individually fine tuned, judged on what they’re good at, what they are bad at, and nobody will be just the best player. You’ll all be the best player to your own extent.”

Bevill foresees academic improvement and potential scholarships in the future.

“It’s been proven that if you are involved in an activity that your grades are higher, your citizenship is better,” Bevill said. “If we can hit a new group of kids and expect them to achieve in the classroom and on the computer, I think that’s a good thing.”