Marissa Heyer Takes on a New Class


Credit to Paige Mooney

By Paige Mooney, Excalibur Reporter

Housing and Interior Design has been taught at FHN for roughly 22 years. Housing was originally taught by FACS teacher Becky Just, before it was eventually passed down to FACS teacher Sara White. After White taught the class for a handful of years, FACS teacher Marissa Heyer took it over. 

“We had been talking about it for a few years, and I had reached out again recently to see if I could teach it,” Heyer said. “I loved housing and interior when I was in college and I really wanted to have the experience of teaching it to my own students.”

Housing curriculum teaches a variety of different things such as, elements and principles related to interior design, historical influences and learning how to draw houses to scale.

“At one point or another you are going to have a place to call your own and it’s important to know how to use it’s space as efficiently as possible,” Heyer said.

The FACS program stands for Family and Consumer Sciences and has multiple classes including, foods one and two, pathways to teaching, child development one and two, human relations and fashion construction one, two and three.

“I think it’s a really practical class and can be applied to your future,” Heyer said. “There is career potential in the class and the FACS program as a whole.”

Heyer also teaches human relations, fashion construction and foods one and two. Heyer loves what she does and is excited to start a new class.

“I’m excited to see how the semester progresses and seeing what students are able to create with their new knowledge,” Heyer said.