Q&A with Becka Brissette


Credit to Anna Hollinger

Sophomore Becka Brisette attempts to create space using a screen to get an open shot.

By Patty O'Leary

How do you balance school with varsity softball, basketball and pole vault?

“Honestly, it’s really hard. With practicing every day and having some games that go late into the night, it gets pretty hard to keep doing homework every night but in the end it’s all worth it.”

What drives your passion with these sports?

“I’ve just always loved playing sports. My mom has always played sports so she’s always pushed me, and I just have so much fun playing them.”

How do these sports translate to one another?

“Most of them are team oriented. It’s all about building with your group even though pole vault is usually more personal, it’s still a team thing and we get a team ranking and your teammates really help push you and go to new heights.”

What do your friends and family think of your athletic success?

“They are all really supportive. My family especially loves that I play sports and loves to come watch.”

Is there a different mentality with each of the sports?

“Yes. In softball I feel like I have to be the leader, especially for my position [catcher], but in basketball, I kind of step back especially being an underclassman. I really just try to go with the flow and try to cheer on more. Pole vault is so relaxed and so fun, it’s kind of my off-season sport, but I just love it.”

Do you ever wish you weren’t playing some of these sports?

“Sometimes I have struggles loving basketball because I’ve played it for so long, and I think it’s more of an adjustment. But at the end of the day, I’m happy that I am playing.”

What are your goals for these sports when you reach your senior year?

“For softball, I probably want to be a captain and hitting number four or three. For basketball, I just want to be a team leader and keep improving. For pole vault, I am already the top girl jumper, so I just want to keep reaching new heights.”