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Senior Aubree Fox Participates in CAPS


Credit to File Photo

By Anna Besancenez, North Star Reporter

Aubree Fox is a 18-year-old high school student experiencing real life traumas that most people in the medical field don’t get to until college or beyond. Fox was invested in the medical field already but was trying to figure out what she wanted to do. She was sitting in class her junior year at Francis Howell North when her teacher showed a video about extra learning activities, which mentioned CAPS, and Fox was instantly intrigued.

“The first day of the program is like high school. They get the syllabus and class information but her first trauma hospital visit she got to see a real life trauma,” Dana Fox, Aubree’s mom, said.

  She is a part of the Center for Advanced Professional Studies also known as CAPS. CAPS is a program for high school students looking into a profession in the medical field. It gives them experience through shadowing professionals and listening to guest speakers. Fox recently was shadowing in a hospital and actually got to see a code blue. A code blue means someone’s heart has stopped.

“I only have been to two hospitals and got to see a patient pass away,” Fox said.

Fox leaves school everyday early to go meet with the other students in CAPS to either go shadow hospitals, listen to guest speakers or study medical terms. All of this practice this year is helping Fox figure out what she wants to study in medicine and getting her foot in the door before spending a lot of money on school or university.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with medical professionals and picked up on tricks and passions,” Fox said.