5 Things To Do Over Spring Break


By Anna Besancenez, North Star Reporter

Explore Nature

Hiking is a great way to relax and clear your head while exercising. Castlewood State Park has over 1,818 acres filled with trees, rivers and trails. Getting outside over spring break is important, because the fresh air can be refreshing and a good way to enjoy the nature around you.

Binge Watch Movies or TV Shows on Netflix

Watching a good TV series is a great way to spend spring break if you have nothing else to do and don’t feel like going out. Some good shows you could watch are: Stranger Things, if you like on the edge, kind of scary; Gossip Girl if you like drama; or NCIS if you like crime and thriller shows. If you haven’t finished a show you’ve already been watching, finish it up, that would also be a nice choice.

Take a Road Trip

A close yet far road trip is a good way to get away from everything like school and other stressors. Going to the Lake of the Ozarks or Table Rock Lake and camping could be a good way. There you can find shops and good places to eat. Stewart’s restaurant in the Ozarks is a classic American diner that serves one of the biggest cinnamon rolls in the US. A Slice Of Pie in Rolla, Missouri has big slices of pie of any kind.

Visit Attractions

Learning about animals and their natural habitats while enjoying the weather is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. The Saint Louis Zoo is free to get in and is a big park. Big Joel’s Safari cost around $5 to get in and there is also a large variety of animals. They also have camel-back riding and bird feeding as extra activities. You can also feed all the animals using purchasable food. 

Try a New Restaurant

Trying new things is difficult for some people, so spring break is the time to step out of your comfort zone. A new type of food or restaurant can open you up to a new culture or style and it could be your new favorite food. Mission Taco Joint is an urban taco place that serves plenty of types of tacos located on Streets of St. Charles. First Watch is a breakfast restaurant and is sensitive to allergies, it is located on Mid Rivers Mall Drive. Another restaurant to try is Mai Lee, a Vietnamese restaurant located in St. Louis by the St. Louis Zoo.