5 Places to Visit During Spring Break

Most FHN students are looking forward to Spring Break. Some might have everything planned and organized. Others might sleep in and binge-watch TV shows for a whole week. One thing that you can count on, however, is that there is plenty to do in St. Louis. Here are the top five recommended places/things to do in the St. Louis area during Spring Break

By Sofiya Melnychuk, North Star Reporter

Visit the St. Louis Zoo

  • The Zoo is always a fun place to go even if you are a young adult. Spring is a really exciting season for the St. Louis Zoo due to lots of interesting events going on. On March 16-29 there will be an event called “Sea Lion Show Spring Training.” This event will be there daily at 1 and 2:30 p.m. and tickets are only $2.

Visit the Science Center

  • The St. Louis Science Center combines experimentation, creativity and play to help people discover a passion for science and technology in a fun way. Events include the OMNIMAX theatre, the Planetarium and more.

Visit the City Museum

  • It’s hard to describe how amazing St. Louis City Museum is if you haven’t already been there. You definitely have to see it to believe it. This museum has a unique all-ages playground, world aquarium, circus-themed food, Art-city and a lot more.

Visit the Gateway Arch

  • You can always get a bird’s eye view from the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Enjoy the picturesque view by taking a 630-foot ride to the top of the arch. You can also stop by the newly remodeled Jefferson National Expansion Memorial to see where Lewis and Clark set out on their historic expedition.

Visit Sky Zone – Trampoline Park

  • Do you want to hang out with your friends, have fun and also burn some calories? It’s all possible at the Trampoline Park. Do you want to feel that burn in your legs, arms and core over an hour of fitness?  It’s one of the most dynamic, effective and enjoyable workouts you will ever have.