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Track and Field Sprints in to a New Season


Credit to Josie Santel

Junior Sterling Jones competes in a relay race on 4/20 at FZN.

By Madi Shinault, FHNToday Editor-In-Chief

Boys’ track and field kicked off strong this spring, starting practice Feb. 25. The team gathers every day after school at 2:30 p.m. to condition and train their bodies for upcoming meets and competitions. Each practice includes intensive workouts to help everything from abdominal and core strength to legs and hips.

Unlike other sports, track and field focuses heavily on individual improvement instead of team goals. Each athlete utilizes practices to push themselves farther than they had previously gone at trainings or meets. Senior distance runner Peyton Hebert plans to achieve his goal in his last year on track.

“My main focus is the mile and right now my personal record is 4:51,” Hebert said. “I hope to get my time down in the 4:30s.”

No matter what event the team is in, they all focus to beat their individual records, from pole vaulting to mile times. Sophomore Gabe Lobato wishes to reach his highest jump for his second year pole vaulting.

“So far, I’ve already picked up where I’ve left off,” Lobato says. “I’m jumping 8’6 which is my ending height from last year. Any improvement is good regardless if it’s a little or a lot.”

Boys’ track will compete in their first meet on March 20 at FHC.

“I’m looking forward to hanging out at meets with my team and hopefully hitting some personal records,” Hebert says.