Senior Gabby Reed Writes Concert Reviews for Arch City Media


Credit to Gabby Reed

Senior Gabby Reed attends concerts, takes photos and writes stories for Arch CIty Media. Reed has been writing stories for them for nearly a year. (Used with permission from Gabby Reed)

By Hadel Abdelkarim, Excalibur Reporter

Senior Gabby Reed has received the opportunity to write concert reviews for Arch City Media and take pictures for the outlet. Reed started writing in August of 2018 and has gone to many concerts like Luke Bryan, Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift, just to name a few. Reed is hoping that she’s able to go to Ariana Grande’s concert and write a review. She has faced some challenges along the way, but the best part for Reed is when she publishes her stories and they’re all done.

“This has been just a big experience where I can kind of open out of my shell a little bit more, because for the photos, I was so nervous that whole day I didn’t know what I was doing,” Reed said. “I was like, ‘those people have bigger cameras and bigger lenses and they know what they’re, doing and it’s not their first time, and they’re not seventeen and they don’t have to go to school tomorrow,’ and it was really scary.”

Junior Riley Witherbee has known Reed since her Freshman year and was happy when she found out that she’s been writing for Arch City Media. Witherbee has enjoyed reading Reed’s reviews and appreciates the effort she’s put into them and loves supporting Reed.

“I think she does a really good job of describing how it went and like, what happened and the good parts that everyone screamed at,” Witherbee said.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Hesskamp has known Reed for about two years and was also happy for Reed when she heard about her concert reviews. Hesskamp’s favorite part about the stories is reading Reed’s point of view of the story.

“I was very happy for her,” Hesskamp said. “This is something she’s always wanted to do, always wanted to write about. I think it’s really great for her. Her stories are so captivating, her words just pull you in and she just keeps you in the story the whole time.”