NHS Celebrates National Read Across America Day by Reading to Kids at Henderson Elementary


Credit to Haley Hall

At Henderson Elementary in Mrs. Hackman’s second grade class, senior Kelly Burris reads to the students on March 1. After class, students did many Dr. Seuss activities in their classrooms. NHS participants picked their favorite Dr. Seuss book to read to the classes. The teachers and staff were very excited to show that even the high schoolers from FHN find reading fun. ”These books are timeless and even enjoyable for the older kids,” Henderson Elementary librarian, Emily Gillet said.

By Natalie Newport, Excalibur Reporter

Members of National Honor Society helped kids celebrate National Read Across America Day by going to Henderson Elementary school to read books to kids. This took place on March 1, the day before Dr. Seuss’s birthday, which is also known as National Read Across America Day. Elementary schools celebrate Read Across America Day which is sponsored through the National Education Association.

“We always try to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday,” NHS sponsor Angela Mason said. “Reading is so important, and it’s an important thing to do whether you’re young or old.”

After walking to the Elementary school from FHN, the students chose books appropriate for each grade level. It was a good opportunity for high school students to show younger kids that you can still enjoy reading.

“We’re just blessed to have Henderson Elementary School so close to us so that our kids can walk over there to read,” NHS sponsor and the organizer of this event Donna Malkmus said.

The kids enjoy it because they love having someone new come in and read to them, according to Malkmus. The goal is for kids to celebrate the love of reading, and recognize Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Having someone new come in and read to them represents, for the kids, an opportunity to celebrate the love of reading in occasion of Dr. Seuss’s birthday

“It kind of reinforces the idea that reading is something that you should be doing that’s a lifelong skill whether you’re reading because you want to or because you have to,” Malkmus said. “Even when you’re a teenager, it can still be something that you can enjoy doing.”