Siblings Peyton and Grace Hebert Run Track Together


By Ashlynn Perez

The Hebert siblings are close. Senior Peyton Hebert and freshman Grace Hebert don’t have any classes together, but their joint involvement in sports makes up for that. In fall, they both ran cross country. In winter, Peyton competed in wrestling and Grace became a wrestling manager. Now, as spring season is in full swing, they run track.

 “We push each other, and we motivate each other,” Grace said.

 The track season has begun with practices, kickstarting Peyton’s final season and Grace’s first. They have seven remaining meets.

 “I think this will be a bonding point for us,” Peyton said. “Especially now, since it’s my last season.”

 With a year of running under his belt, Peyton has the opportunity to pass on his track experience to his sister. He takes notice of her strengths and weaknesses in running, and he has the easy opportunity to share his advice. On the rides home, they talk about how practice went and discuss how Grace can improve.

 Grace learns from watching Peyton run, and she has someone nearby to ask for tips if she needs it. As well as learning from him, she’s empowered by the fun of a classic sibling rivalry. In the end, having a sibling to support and to lean on is making them better runners, and making this season a good one.

 “He is constantly pushing me during practice and during races, and is always motivating me to push harder and finish strong,” Grace said.