FHN Drama Performs Spring Musical After Months of Preparation


The FHN Drama Club has been preparing for their second and final play of the 2018-19 school year which takes place on April 4 through 6, with additional showings on April 12 and 13. The preparation started back in August of 2018, making it the most prepared performance compared to the club’s other productions. The drama club had been deciding
between two plays, “Sound of Music” and “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” to perform for their spring play, however chose a complete opposite one. The play this time around is “The Addams Family-the Musical”, and consists of a much smaller cast compared to the size they’ve had in their past musicals with only 10 principles and 15 chorus.

“We started off with the two plays,” drama teacher Kim Sulzner said. “ Then someone threw out The Addams Family and we got a good reaction from that and the drama officers took it from there.”

This play also has a new feature that hasn’t been done before by the club. According to senior David Hernandez who plays Gomez Addams, this feature is “incredible but complex”. This play will have a platform to hold the FHN jazz band above the stage while they perform the music to the play. The platform will be seven and a half feet in the air.

“You’re going to be able to see the band playing and it’s really cool,” senior and cast member Haley
Peer said. “They’re going to be on a platform really high up and their heads are going to be touching the teaser curtain.”