Freshman Britney Bascom Runs Makeup Account on Instagram


Credit to Photo Submitted

During her video, freshman Britney Bascom applies mascara after finishing her eyeshadow. Bascom has been doing her makeup for about a year and posts her looks to Instagram. She described this look as “perfect timing.”

By Grace Harding, North Star Reporter

Growing up in the boot heel of Missouri, where the population is only 17,000, does not cause for much glam and fashion. There, the most common pastime activities are playing in the lakes, hunting in the woods or talking with the neighborhood kids. Instead of that, FHN freshman Britney Bascom finds her escape in a form of art that is not very common in the boot heel: makeup.

“Makeup is a really nice way to express my creativity,” Bascom said. “It’s one of the only activities I actually enjoy.”

Bascom started doing makeup when she was ten and created an account on Instagram when she moved to St. Charles in July of 2018 and gained over 2,000 followers in just six months. The account is @britsvanity, and it is dedicated to makeup looks she has taught herself over the years. On the account, she posts videos and pictures of different eyeshadow looks she has done on herself, her friends and her mom.

“The makeup gives her a creative outlet to express her feelings and her art for other people to see,” sophomore and friend Caroline Mitchell said.

Mitchell has known Bascom since August and says that even in the short amount of time she has known her, Bascom has improved by just watching some of her favorite makeup artists. Watching people like James Charles, Jeffree Star and Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube has taught Bascom everything she now knows. According to her, the best feeling is when you finish a look, you get to step back and see the look you created and feel a wave of accomplishment wash over you. Hoping to continue this art form, Bascom wishes to one day work at a makeup counter.

“It would be really cool to work at somewhere like Sephora,” Bascom said. “I would want to show my creativity off on someone else.”