FHSD Alumni Robbie Daymond is a Voice Actor


Credit to Rebekah Myers

Alumni Robbie Daymond started out small within the Francis Howell School District, but has now grown to voice popular characters across many platforms.

By Rebekah Myers, Design Editor

To some, various TV stars and voices seem like some faraway collection of celebrities that they couldn’t possibly ever connect to. However, what many tend to forget is that plenty of them started out just like the rest of us — a student enjoying their high school life. This applies to voice actor Robbie Daymond, or as his classmates would have known him, Robert Howard. Daymond attended FHHS, and participated in many school activities, including theater and debate. FHN’s current theater teacher Kim Sulzner taught him all four years of his high school career when she taught at FHHS.

“He was kind of a goofball, but everybody liked him,” said Sulzner. “He was really laid back, really easy to talk to, so he was great to have on the cast, because even as people got amped up and stressed, he would kind of break the tension and bring us all back to reality. He was always nice to have around. He was fun.”

In high school, Daymond was an officer in the school’s drama productions, and was both treasurer and president of the school’s International Thespian Society troupe, though he was acting in local and professional plays since the age of 10. He also did the morning announcements for the school, which was what he considers his first taste of what was going to be his voice acting career. He also participated in college theatre at Lindenwood University during his later high school years.

After graduating from FHHS in 2000, Daymond attended college and graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2004 with a BFA in theatre performance. After a few years of the post-college jobs and slowly building towards his career, Daymond was a full time voiceover artist once 2010 came around. His debut role was as the current dub voice actor for the Sailor Moon’s Tuxedo Mask, however his experience has reached also into western animation, including the title character of Disney XD’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and the main character SwaySway of the Nickelodeon Cartoon Breadwinners. He has also voiced in video games, one role he enjoyed most being one of the playable characters in Final Fantasy XV.

“There’s little moments where I geek out, or something like that, but not in the same way I would’ve 10 years ago but if its a property I really like, like Spider-Man, my favorite superhero, like I freaked out when my agent called me, you know, four or five years ago and told me that I booked it,” Daymond said. “Those days never get any less amazing.”