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Album Review: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?


By Kylah Woods, North Star Faeature Editor

The much anticipated debut album of pop sensation Billie Eilish has finally arrived with a bang. The 17-year-old started her journey to stardom in 2017 on Soundcloud with her first song, Ocean Eyes. Two years and 15 million fans later, she released her first 13-track album. Billie gives listeners songs to dance to, cry to and sing to all in one amazing album.

The best moments of the album is her beautiful vocals mixed with bass that could blast a pair of headphones off, or her soft, almost whisper-like voice that makes people perk up and listen.

“Xanny,” the third track on the album takes the point of view of someone at a party who’s not very into the drugs and alcohol. Her voice fades over the intense bass to create a sound that almost sounds like she’s speaking into a fan but it could easily blow a pair of headphones out.

“When the Party’s Over,” one of the first couple singles released before the album, is a ballad sung about a relationship that Billie knows she shouldn’t have, but can’t get enough of. Listeners can surely feel the emotion with every lyric.

“Listen Before I Go,” is easily one of the most emotional songs on the album. You have to listen closely, but in the background rain and sirens can be heard. The song is from the point of view of someone standing on a roof, about to take their own life. The lines sound almost like she’s pleading for someone to come and help.

“Goodbye,” the final song on the album, Billie decides to use one line from each song to wrap up the album. It’s a clever way to wrap it up and it has the eccentric, mildly creepy vibe that Billie has.

“When we all fall asleep where do we go?” is a must-listen for anyone. It’s a beautiful album that tells a story from Billie’s eyes while still having songs to dance to. She showcases her vocal range and her ability to push the boundaries on what normal pop music sounds like. Her talent is undeniable and at 17, she still has so much time to change and grow but her debut album was an amazing start to her journey of pop music domination.