Junior Delegates Prepare for Prom


Credit to Riley Witherbee

FHN students pose together and model the prom fashion trends for the year. The fashion show was hosted by the Junior Delegates to raise money for prom. The event is a chance for students to model dresses and suits from area stores.

By Sofiya Melnychuk, North Star Reporter

Every year FHN celebrates Prom and many juniors and seniors are looking forward to one of the most memorable event of school year. This year, Prom will happen on April 26 at the Old Hickory Golf Club. According to Junior Class Sponsor Marissa Heyer, planning for Prom is an important event that requires a lot of time, patience and teamwork.

“There are a lot of things to do so we have a whole team working on it,”Heyer said. “Our team consists of the four officers and the Junior Class Delegates.”

While organizing and planning, Junior Class Delegates do their best to make Prom unforgettable for each and every attendee. Heyer, is responsible for organizing details like securing the DJ, photo booth and venue.

“We want to make every year different and special in its own way,” Heyer said. “This year the Prom theme is ‘Starry Night’. We are also having a new venue and we are all really excited about the new change.”

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that most students don’t know about. The coordination that must occur starts very early in the year. “We started pretty heavy in January and it goes all the way to Prom,” Heyer said. “It’s really important. You have to make sure everything goes together, the date, the venue and the other people who are participating are able to work together.”

There’s hope that all of the hard work and pressure of the deadlines will result in a exciting night for all.

“I feel like this Prom is going to be a very special Prom where I’ll make a lot of memories,” senior Jude Khdeer said. “I can’t wait to see how a new venue will turn out.”