Junior Abbey Seemes is Graduating Early to Jump-Start Her Teaching Career


Credit to Leann Smyth

By Leann Smyth, North Star Reporter

Abbey Seems will be graduating with the class of 2019 to get a head start on her educational career. Originally a junior this year, she has met all the requirements to accelerate her graduation, this has been a long term plan for her.

“[Graduating early] wasn’t much of a transition, because that was my plan since the sixth grade,” Seemes said. “I knew that I wanted to do that, I just didn’t know how realistic that would be. Since October of my sophomore year, I knew that this year would be my last year. I guess I kinda already prepared myself, so it doesn’t seem any different. It’s natural at this point.”

In her three years at FHN she’s put a priority on making the most of her academics, keeping her future in mind. This past year, she’s been in the Pathways to Teaching program, an introductory college level course designed to give students the perspective of an educator.

“I have to graduate to get where I want to be,” Seemes said. “Having these experiences with my education career will help me with my students that I encounter and need to help at some point.”

In the Pathways to Teaching course, Seemes has moved into observing classrooms for the second semester, similar to student teaching. She’s shown exceptional work according to teacher Sara White.

“I’m just so proud of her,” White said. “It’s so encouraging to see a student who knows what they want to do and is looking at a path to get there as efficiently as possible. Her graduation requirements are met and instead of taking other things that she might well enjoy and learn from, she’s chosen to go ahead and take the next step to getting into her own classroom as fast as possible, because she knows that’s what she wants to do. It’s not the right path for everyone, but it’s absolutely the right path for someone like Abbey.”

Seemes will be attending Lindenwood University in the fall. She’s looking forward to new experiences and eventually her own classroom.

“Most of us will be in our career longer than we’ll be in high school,” Seemes said. “I’m so ready. I’m so passionate about education and wanting to be a teacher, so I think that’s what makes it exciting. Like, decorating my classroom? That’s exciting!”