What is the Best Candy for Easter? [Opinion]


Credit to Kaili Martin

By Kaili Martin, Photographer

Peeps, chocolate or robin eggs, that is the real question. Around Easter there are a multitude of different candies. It can range from a 10 pound chocolate bunny to a fun size Snickers bar. Some of the most common treats are Peeps, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and jellybeans.

Peeps are marshmallows covered in assorted colored sugars shaped to look like bunnies and chicks. Peeps come in blue, lavender, pink, white and yellow. They also come in flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. These snacks are very sugary and can cause a cavity in seconds. Peeps taste like the fake marshmallow fluff, it has that much sugar. With that the peeps are really colorful and a sweet treat to have around Easter.

When little kids think of Easter they think of the Easter bunny and how he brings chocolate eggs and bunnies. Some people will get upset over the fact that some chocolate bunnies or eggs are hollow in the center. I am one of those people. It would be easier to buy a chocolate bar, it tastes the same. But when it’s filled with just chocolate, it’s so much better. Some people can last on that bunny or egg for days.

Jelly beans are not only sold at Easter, but all year long. They can come in gross flavors such as dog food and toothpaste. While Jelly beans may taste gross the tiny treat is very colorful.This is a fun way to prank your friends so you can get them on Easter. I think Jelly beans are weird. Like what is it? Sugar? And how did the person who made the dog food jelly bean know how it should taste? Seriously did he taste it?