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Boys’ Volleyball Hosts Second Annual Senior Citizen Appreciation Night


By Leann Smyth, North Star Reporter

Boy’s volleyball will be hosting their second annual senior citizen appreciation night this Tuesday, April 30. The team invites all seniors to come out to the game and celebrate. Those 55 and over will be eligible for free admission.

“The senior citizen night is something we started because we didn’t have any seniors last year,” senior and Varsity player Trey Dehesa said. “We figured a way to build up our community, just here in St. Charles was to invite senior citizens from a home that a lot of our players work at, and have them come down and watch a game to show we appreciate them.”

The majority of senior citizens celebrated will be visiting residents of Lake St. Charles Retirement Community. Though, all are welcome. There will be a section of accessible seating available to the special guests.

“Last year was a very positive experience, I think for not only the senior citizens, but for the young men [too],” Coach Robin Yuede said. “It’s an exercise in patience. They didn’t get to sit with The Goonies, they had to sit and socialize afterward, and I think that we have to recognize those that are a little different than us; a little wisdom.”

After the C and JV teams face off against Fort Zumwalt West, a moment of recognition towards the senior guests will take place. Then, the Varsity team’s game will follow.

“We’ve worked hard this season to get where we are,” Dehesa said. “We don’t bring the senior citizens down here to show off. It’s to show them we’ve worked hard to get where we are. Especially this year since most of us are seniors, and we’re graduating, we want to go out on a good note. As a team, having the support of other people behind our backs makes us play a lot better.”

To close the night a reception of snacks and drinks will be held in the lobby.

“I think it’s important that the community sees these young men for what I see them as everyday, [and] to see them in a positive light,” Yuede said. “Giving back is part of it.”