Hunter Tabor Starts Javelin As A Senior


By Jasey Adkinson

For most people stepping out of comfort zones can be a hard thing to do. But senior Hunter Tabor didn’t hesitate to do so when he found out about throwing javelin. Tabor has been a baseball player for a big fraction of his life, but decided to give javelin a shot for his senior year.

“I have always wanted to do something else besides baseball. So when I heard about javelin and how similar the throwing technique was I decided to give it a shot,” Tabor said.

Baseball and javelin have quite a few similarities in terms of throwing, but unfortunately they also have some time similarities. They are both spring sports, which makes Tabor have to juggle two after school activities at once. He goes to baseball games and practices which are usually at the time of javelin practice, but when he doesn’t have baseball he squeezes in some javelin practice. This can put some stress on him at times in terms of time management and ongoing injuries that may not have time to properly heal.

“It can be hard juggling both sports, because I know I need to work on javelin and baseball so some days I have to pick and choose exactly what I want to do for the day. Whether that is staying at javelin longer and perfecting my crossovers or staying later at baseball and working on my own outside of practice on hitting or agility,” Tabor said.

With a little bit of determination and time management, Tabor makes it work. He has been very successful for a first year thrower, placing 2nd place in finals in his first two meets. He hopes to make it to state this year and be a contender to even win it all.

“I think Hunter is doing better than anyone could be in their first year throwing,” Drake Whitehead said.