Varsity Baseball Team Prepares for Districts


Credit to Kamryn Bell

Varsity baseball team celebrates in game against Troy after a 2 run homer from senior Hunter Tabor.

By Parker Kilen, Reporter

On May 11th, the Varsity baseball team will start competing in districts and will be playing their first game against Hazelwood West at home. Last season, the Knights got second place in districts, and this season they look to do as good or even better.

“We’d just like to bet as far as we can through it,” senior Justin Rhomberg said. “ Hopefully win districts but [mainly] just playing as a team for our final games.”

This season the knights only have 6 players with previous varsity experience, with everyone else being new to varsity such as sophomore Jackson mitchell who is the only underclassmen on the varsity baseball team but has been one of the team’s top players, especially on the pitching staff, and will be playing a lot in districts.

“I’m a little nervous, but I went up to watch districts last year so I kind of know what it’s like and all the pressure that’ll be on me,” Mitchell said.

According to Rhomberg and Mitchell, the team has really improved throughout the season, developed great chemistry, the new players have gotten used to all the higher competition, and the whole team overall is excited to compete in districts and hopes to go out with a bang.

“We plan to win districts, finish strong, play strong through, and possibly win sectionals and go into quarterfinals,” Mitchell said. “I’m confident in everyone, we all play as a team we don’t have one person that carries, we win as a team and lose as a team.”