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New French Teacher Jennifer Liberson is Excited for the Coming Year


Credit to Sydney Ellison

By Sydney Ellison

Coming over from FHC and Saeger middle school, Jennifer Liberson is the new French teacher at FHN. She’s taking the position after the previous french teacher, David Fritz, retired. According to Liberson, she came to FHN because she wanted to teach full time at a high school and teach all levels of French. This is Libersons third year teaching. She has been speaking French for 10 years now.


“I hope I can build a future here and build the language department and try to get more French teachers in and bring up members,” Liberson said. 


Liberson first got her passion for French while watching a show called Madeline, about a girl who lives in Paris, she recalls. She began learning French in high school. She credits her chosen career path to her teachers.


“I wanted to be the person for students that my teachers were for me when they [students] feel like no one else cares,” Liberson said.


Liberson describes her teaching style as laid back and fun but still with expectations. She mentions that one aspect of her teaching differs from previous French teachers: Liberson plans on speaking primarily in French in most of her classes.  


“I enjoy Libersons class because she recognizes that it’s alright to make mistakes,” French student Holly Willett said. “She helps us to learn more about the French language while growing from our mistakes.”