QR Code Changes the way Students visit Guidance Office


By Sophie Carite and Bree Ammons

This school year, counselors are implementing a new way of setting up meetings with them. Instead of having to come into the office, students are able to fill out a google form using a QR code located outside of the office. However, students are still allowed and able to come into the office to set up an appointment.


The idea came about late last school year after the guidance department noted the success that other FHSD schools were having using the same method. In previous years, students days were disrupted by having to leave class to set up a meeting. Often students would request to meet with the wrong people for specific issues, or they would take time out of their days to meet with a counselor over a questions that could have been answered in an email.  


“The new system is just another way,” FHN Guidance counselor Lorraine Smith said. “It eliminates difficulty or having to leave class and trying to figure out time. It’s an additional way, not the only way.”


While there have been a few errors, like duplicate or disappearing requests, both students and counselors alike are finding the new system helpful. Smith believes the QR code system makes scheduling her day much earlier.  


“I can see everything in one spot and prioritize,” Smith said. “So much can be answered by email. [Using this system], I can do what I can to help without pulling kids out of class.”  


Senior Leann Smyth was slightly apprehensive about the change, voicing concerns about miscommunication or timing. However, after trying the new method of going to the guidance office, Smyth has found that she prefers it to the old way. 


“The QR codes were easy to find, I was worried I wouldn’t get a response in time but they called me down the next day,” Smyth said. “I think it’s a lot more effective than coming to the office to make an appointment and I was able to accomplish everything I needed to do.”