Main Street Hosts 25th Annual MOSAICS Art Festival


By Justin Brewer, Staff Reporter

The MOSAICS Fine Arts Festival on Main is not only a fun family experience but it is filled with high-quality art and education. It is held annually on North Main Street in Downtown St. Charles and showcases artists from the MO area. It was held Sept. 13 to the 15. Artists from all over the area were there showing off their art.

“At this festival yes [this is my first time],” woodworker Matthew Roman said. “I’ve been to prior festivals mostly in the Kansas City area. I’m selling wood products.” 

The MOSAICS Fine Arts Festival has been celebrated for 25 years in the Downtown St. Charles area. Over the past 25 years the MOSAICS festival has grown to be the premier art festival held in the St. Charles County area and is a registered nonprofit. There were booths filled with handmade paintings, wood workings, jewelry, photographs and more. They also had booths to buy food and ones where people could get t-shirts and memorabilia. People like Charles Shotton were selling handmade wood workings that were available to purchase.

“ [I’m selling] black walnut furniture,” Shotton said. “This is a great show and I’ll come back next year.”

From painters to woodworkers, all kinds of art could be found at the MOSAICS festival. There were impressionist painters selling their hand-painted pieces, wood carvers selling their handmade furniture, jewelers selling handmade jewelry and more. Many bands scattered across the festival played live music and many people walking stopped to enjoy. The festival had a close atmosphere with the venders mingling with the attendees. Many venders return year after year.   

“This is I think my fifth year at this show and I just keep doing a little better every year,” photographer Kim Carr said. She photographs farm animals in danger of extinction.  “I’d say you know, people com look for me now. You know I’ve gotten to be recognized and they like my photography so they come back and see what’s new.”