Haley Stratmann talks about her Bowling Experience on the FHN Bowling Team


By Ava Clintsman, Yearbook staffer

Haley Stratmann, bowler on the Francis Howell North bowling team, has a passion like no other for her sport. For eleven years and counting Haley has been competitively bowling against other schools and other bowling lanes, even nationally. Almost winning a Junior Gold championship, Stratmann continues to bowl towards her goal. 


“No Junior Gold championship championships have been won, we came in second but we got bumped down due to a different team bring qualified,” Stratmann said.


Starting at just five years old, Stratmann has gotten better with her strategy and technique when stepping up to the lanes. Knowing her way around Cave Springs and Harvest Lanes, Stratmann has a leg up compared to others. Having her mother as a coach, Stratmann always feels comfortable while doing what she loves most.


“My proudest moments as a mother and a coach is watching Haley make junior gold, and watching my soon score three three hundreds in one day,” Dawn Stratmann, Haley’s mother, said. 


Starting with having a passion for it, Stratmann continues to do it because of her love and joy for it. It doesn’t feel like a chore like many things do after years on end, but there’s still a spark there. Stratmann is lucky enough to have a team she not only has grown with but loves. Knowing these people since day one of freshman year, she knows they will be there for her, whether she wins or loses. 


“Haley’s proudest moment would have to be her winning a tournament against our boyfriends, it was the most bittersweet moment for both of us, no matter how pouty they were,” Iayah Smith, Haley’s teammate said.


In the future Stratmann plans to somehow continue to bowl, whether it’s on an adult team or recreational. Stratmanns mother, Dawn, plans on coaching until her daughter graduates, then will hand it onto someone else. Stratmann’s whole family bowls, so she in a way got dragged into it, but it has been the best thing to be dragged into. 


“Haley is most passionate about bowling, and I honestly don’t think that will ever change,” Smith said.