StuCo Committee Prepares for Homecoming Pep Assembly


Credit to Phoebe Primeau

(From Left to Right) Teachers Joe Brocksmith and Timothy Besse, model with Hed Principal Dr. Nathan Hostetler at the Homecoming Pep Assembly on Sept. 14 2018

By Abby Akers, Web Staff

The homecoming pep assembly is something students look forward to every year. The activity-filled assembly gives students a break from the classroom and gives them time to spend with their friends to get excited about the homecoming game ahead. StuCo organizes the pep assembly every year and the event takes a lot of planning, which usually starts well in advance. 

“We usually start preparing in summer, trying to get new, fun ideas,” senior StuCo Cabinet member Harshi Segabandi said.

To get the crowd excited, the event planners have to find games that are exciting for all grades. It’s important to them that everyone to gets involved and the Emcees make sure that everyone is having a good time. 

“The pep assembly committee leaders who are in the StuCo cabinet make the games up, or sometimes the emcees help give ideas,” senior Joanna Dohrman said.

Preparing the assembly takes a lot of outside work. The StuCo committee in charge of organizing the pep assembly hires a DJ that plays songs throughout the event. The DJ plays the songs picked by the pep assembly committee members and the emcees for the “finish the lyrics” game.

The committee also works with other groups in the school. The members have to work with the coaches to make sure they have everything for performances. They also work with groups such as HOSA to set up fundraisers. 

There are many traditions that students look forward to in the assembly. Every year, the assembly has a parade of athletes. The parade of athletes is a chance for each fall sport to line up and walk through the gym with their teammates. 

“It’s really fun, it’s cool to see everyone in the school all together cheering and having fun,” sophomore Olivia Munyat said. “It’s especially really fun as a team to all get together. The assembly is almost like a bonding experience for all of us.”

Another tradition is the annual performance from Knightline. Knightline will be performing their Studline dance. Knightline members look forward to dancing in front of the school. 

“It’s very exciting because the whole school gets pumped up,” sophomore Knightline member Hunter Smith said. 

According to sophomore Ethan Matlack, the assembly is a great way to spend time with other students. It gives people the opportunity to socialize with others they normally wouldn’t. It’s also an opportunity to see who represents school sports teams. 

“[My favorite part of the assembly] is the atmosphere and the good energy everyone has,” Matlack said.