New Policy Allows Students to Play Songs Over the Intercom


During the school day, music plays over the intercom for students walking through the halls. Songs can range from country to rap, as long as it’s school appropriate. “It’s a good idea and people being able to recommend songs is cool,” junior Brandon Bridgeman said. (Photo illustration by Addy Bradbury)

By Ivy Lowery, North Star Reporter

During the start of the 2019-2020 school year, a new procedure in the hallways was set. This new procedure makes it possible for students to suggest songs to be played on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and teachers to suggest songs for Tuesdays and Thursdays. These songs will be played over the intercom system during passing periods. During the back to school spirit week, music was played on the intercoms and had positive feedback.

StuCo President, junior Caroline Blanke is working to change the procedure. Blanke has been working hard and planning to get this new procedure in order.

“During our spirit weeks we had music playing in the hallways,” Blanke said. “Whenever we did that, we got a lot of positive appraisal. Enough people liked the music, so we asked if we could do music all the time.”

The initial date for it to begin was Sept. 3 but was pushed back for safety reasons. While music playing may not seem like an issue, there are some safety concerns that go along with the procedure. Even just a few minutes of the day where there are issues with communication to the school could be dangerous.

“When there’s music playing on the intercoms, no one else can cut in and make an announcement,” FHN Principal Nathan Hostetler said. “If there’s ever a major event, a shooting or a tragedy of some sort then not being able to communicate is a big issue.”

Even though there are some technical issues, the initial idea had good intentions. Hostetler and other administrators are in the process of contacting the intercom manufacturers to find a solution so they can cut in to make announcements. Blanke, Hostetler and many others have a very positive opinion of this change.

“I’ve definitely heard lots of positive things about it,” Blanke said. “Everybody’s really looking forward to it.”