Alex’s Grill and Ice Cream Brings Back the Golden Days


By Anna Besancenez

Alex’s Grill and Ice Cream opened late June of 2019 by Ari Mehmeti and part time owner Redona Kume. Alex’s is a mixture of American and Greek food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“It’s 50s themed,” Kume said. “There’s lots of pictures of Elvis, Marilyn and Audrey. There is also lots of old records on the walls too.”

 Nowadays most restaurants have a certain vibe instead of a specific theme but Alex’s has a unique theme like the 1950s.

 “The look of the restaurant keeps it going,” Mehmeti said. “Diners were very popular back then.”

 Their popular American-styled food includes hamburgers, wraps, sandwiches, ice cream and sundaes. The Greek specialty plates are Gyros, Moussaka, Avalemono, and the Baklava sundae. The Baklava sundae is vanilla ice cream in a food cup with a special nut sauce.

 “We have ice cream to make milkshakes and sundaes to fit the 50s,” Kume said.

 Opening a business or restaurant can take quite a long time but for Alex’s it only took a few months. It can also be a very difficult process with getting all of the requirements done.

 “We had to get permissions from St. Charles and St. Peters,” Kume said.

 Alex’s is family owned. There are three other restaurants in North Carolina and they are wanting to make it into a franchise.

 “Alex is a family name and it is also my son’s name,” Mehmeti said.

 Mehmeti has been in the food business for more than 20 years and loves the restaurant and the business.

 “It is important that there is a good combination for everyone and everything is all home made,” Mehmeti said.