Tips On How To Cope With Stress


By Liv Engle

Students and teachers both struggle with handling stress in and out of school. Everyone gets overwhelmed with school at some point, whether that is grading assignments, dealing with homework or a job, and trying to have enough time for a social life. If you are anything like me, you probably stress a lot and don’t always know how to relieve that stress.

There are so many ways to handle stress: talking to someone, finding a hobby or taking a break. Without any strategies, stress can build up over time and affect yourself, your relationships, your hobbies and your daily life. One of the best ways to cope with stress is managing time. Plenty of teachers and students have problems with grasping ways to help their time management with their everyday life. It’s hard to get routines to stick as well. Time management is important because of how much it can affect your daily life. With no planning, many due dates or important times will go in one ear and out the other. Students and teachers need to have a break from school and work. Without any planning involved for the grading, assignments, jobs and activities, there will be little to no time to have a healthy social life outside of the stress.

Focus on developing ways to balance your time within your daily routine, like keeping a planner. Make a schedule and stick with it. Once time management is easier to handle, you won’t feel as overwhelmed. With a schedule, tracking any important information will work wonders. All the information  you need to know or important news that cannot be forgotten about can be written down and easily accessed, that way there is no way to forget it. Keep the schedule in a place that you will look at often and won’t lose it. Have a calendar within the schedule, where notes can be written about certain days of the week along with specific times or due dates.

There are plenty of factors that add to students and teachers everyday lives. Planning and scheduling in multiple aspects will relieve plenty of that stress. Although there are numerous amounts of ways to deal with stress either in or out of school, time management is the most important when facing stress for students and teachers.