Sophomore Logan Schelfaut Looks to Return to Get State Title Again


By Alise Simon

During the school year last year, then freshmen Logan Schelfaut left the Rec-Plex, in St. Peters winning the diving state title on Nov. 8 , 2018.

“I was actually there for state, I watched the entire three hours or so, and I mean it was just amazing because our school won state,” varsity swimmer and junior Devon Grapenthin said. “So that’s just a big accomplishment for


Winning the state title was a huge deal for the FHN swim and dive team. There were schools gathered, building competition for the winning spot.

“I was pretty happy,” Schelfaut said. “I was kind of  surprised.”

Schelfaut performed an advanced backward flip. This success shocked his family, friends, coaches, and teammates and the FHN community.

“It’s a really fun experience,” Schelfault said. “Especially when you cheer on those who are swimming or diving.”

On a normal day of practice, Schelfaut would go to school, go home after school and sleep, and head to the Rec-Plex for practice from 8-10 p.m. Swim meets are an exciting time for both Schelfaut and Grapenthin. The meets usually lasts for about an hour and a half.

For the 2019-2020 school year, Schelfaut is planning on working on the same dives and strength training, to try to win state for the second time. He went into the season with goals of getting all of his practices in everyday and working with his coach to improve on his form. It paid off, and Schelfaut qualified for state.

“[I qualified for state] by going to practice and working on my dives every night and improving,” Schelfaut said.

Both Grapenthin, and Schelfaut enjoy cheering on their team and the competition  of the sport and at the meets. From spending time together at practice to working with coaches, Grapenthin and Schelfaut both believe that with dedication and motivation, anyone can improve and accomplish great things.

“I think I’ve improved quite well,” Schelfaut said. “I’ve gotten a couple of new dives and feel like I’ve been doing a little better than last year.”