Getting Ready For The PSAT


By Anna Besancenez, North Star Reporter

Cramming in the studying. Pulling late nights making sure they are fully ready and prepared. Sophomores and juniors take the PSAT on October 30th during school. The PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test which is a test that is sort of like the ACT but it is an opportunity for juniors to earn scholarships. 

“As 10th graders take it for practice for the SAT and the juniors take it to qualify for possible scholarships for National Merit,” guidance counselor Stephanie Johnson said.

The students will be tested on their mathematics and reading skills. The scores range from 320 to a maximum of 1520. The score that will qualify you for National Scholar is around 1420. 

“I want to know my score so I can look into what colleges recommend,” junior Grace Harding said. “I am going to make a small list of good colleges where I can go.”

When you register it is 20 dollars and you can get a study booklet with a practice test inside. The booklet gives you tips on how to study and it also gives you an idea of what the test is going to look like. The test is about two hours and 45 minutes to three hours long. The certain sections will have timed portions.