How Old is Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

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How Old is Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

By Riley Witherbee, Photographer

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With Halloween quickly approaching, people begin to set out the scary decorations, put together costumes, and buy treats to hand out to kids. This has been a tradition in many homes for as long as students can remember. The question is how many students still participate in trick or treating and if they stopped, why?

“I think people stopped trick-or-treating because they feel too old for it,” sophomore Avery Witherbee said. “My favorite part of Halloween is getting together with friends and family. This year I am hanging out with my friends and carving pumpkins.”

Based on data collected out of 63 people, about 82.5 percent or 52 people do not trick or treat and about 44.3 percent stopped trick or treating before high school. According to Time Magazine, the common age kids stop trick-or-treating is 12-16 years old.

“I felt I was too old and decided to hand out candy and steal some for myself,” junior Bryanna Ginn said.

The reason most students stopped going was because they felt they outgrew trick or treating. Another reason was that they realized hanging out inside with friends was fun too. Though they outgrew it or decided to stop, they still have their memories to hold on to. 

“I think overall, the best part of Halloween was all of the anticipation leading up to it,” senior Allison Cavato said. “Planning your costumes with your friends, planning your route for trick or treating, getting together beforehand. And then obviously afterwards eating so much candy that your stomach hurts.”


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