FHN Hosts Annual Assembly to Commemorate Veterans Day


Sergeant Corey Stutsman sits and watches during the Veterans day Assembly.

By Riley Witherbee, Photographer

On Nov. 11, students gathered in the FHN large gym to welcome veterans and thank them for their service. This was the third-annual Veterans Day Assembly that included speeches, music, and special guests.

“During National Veterans and Families month, we salute the brave and dedicated patriots who wore the uniform of the United States,” Administrator Nathen Hostetler said in the opening address. “President Ronald Reagan said, “America’s debt to those who would fight for her defense doesn’t end the day the uniform comes off.”

The assembly began with posting of the colors by U.S. Servicemen and the National Anthem sung by Knightsound. Following the National Anthem, was the opening address by Hostetler and then the different branch songs were played and sung by Knightsound and the band. 

A new addition was added to the ceremony by the FHN Masque Players from the drama department. They performed a skit titled “Desk Jockey” about how students did not earn the right to desks and chairs, but how the military men and women did because they fought for Americas freedom.

Knightsound shared their showcase piece “Homeland” with the audience, then after Knightsound finished performing, the playing of taps and a moment of silence for veterans commenced. Following the moment of silence was “America The Beautiful as performed by the band.

“The music made me think of how thankful I am for my friend and how proud I am for him going out of his way to do what he is doing,” Senior Kailey Cripps said. “He could have done a lot of other things but he decided to serve our country.”

The final part of the assembly was a special speaker. Technician Sergeant John Yeager, FHN Alumni of 2006, spoke about his journey into joining the Military. Yeager was recently selected to attend a school to become a Lieutenant. 

“I am a big believer in ‘You get out what you put in’” Yeager said. “There’s been a lot of long nights, a lot of long days, some really long weekends…but I do that so I can have a better life for me and my family.”

After the assembly, many students walked over to the service men and women and said ‘thank you’ for their service to America while shaking their hand.

“The best part of the assembly was that about a dozen students came up to me and shook my hand, introducing themselves and thanking me,” Staff Sergeant, Corey Stutsman said. “I never really like these public displays of my service, but that really made my day.”